Fiber Reactor Separation & Mixing Technology
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Who we are

Global Leader in Fiber Reactor Separation & Mixing Technology.

Visionary Fiber Technologies, Inc. (VFT) is a global leader in fiber reactor separation technology. VFT commercializes fiber reactor technology to enhance and improve manufacturing environments by increasing the efficiency of existing refining operations utilizing two-phase chemistry. Fiber reactor technology allows chemistry and separation of reaction products to proceed simultaneously without active mixing, substantially increasing throughput while reducing costs – both upfront and variable operating costs. VFT provides immediate value to its customers by increasing production yields at a lower cost.

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The Technology


60x the surface area of traditional mixers and at fraction of the size


Contact between dual phases without mixing


Tightly controlled, fast with no downtime

Value Proposition


Reduction of energy consumption and waste generation


Increased yields of desired products


A meaningful financial benefit to customers

VFT commercializes a global patent portfolio related to fiber reactor technology in a variety of disparate fields. VFT is developing and actively commercializing fiber reactor technology to address the critical challenges for both existing and emerging markets. At its core, fiber reactor technology crystallizes a paradigm shift in the way chemical processing equipment is designed and utilized. By intersecting physical and chemical principles in a proprietary method, fiber reactor technology is a reactor vessel that directly addresses the unmet challenges and needs throughout these industries.


VFT’s entry into dual-phase chemical processes such as separation extractions, purifications, chemical reactions, and recycling is demonstrating previously unseen scalability, tunability, and most importantly, simplicity. VFT is providing directly applicable solutions addressing persistently inefficient industrial processes. VFT’s technology has demonstrated the ability to not only reinvigorate, but in certain cases resurrect certain industries with its technology.

VFT Core Values

Inspiring Innovation and Discovery

Innovation is our core DNA. It is who VFT is and what we stand for and that will never change. We are committed to developing new and exciting ideas. At VFT, we foster a culture that encourages creativity, thinking outside the box, continuous improvement, and discovering new ideas. We strive to better serve our employees and customers by creating value through innovation.

Leading with Integrity and Delivering with Pride. Every customer, every time.

We do the right thing even when no one is watching and speak up when there’s a problem. We strive to be ethical in everything we do. We lead by example. Integrity is the foundation of our values.

Transparency is Proof of Our Integrity

We promote openness and honesty across all departments of VFT. We admit when we are wrong or don’t know the answer to a question. We empower each other to speak up, and share ideas. Our transparency is the key to our Trust.

Empowerment, Embracing Accountability, and Propelling Success

We own what we do and keep others honest. We tackle responsibility head on and ensure that employees are meeting expectations. By meeting individual responsibilities, we can trust and rely on others to meet expectations and drive the company forward.

Unlocking Possibilities: Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow

We are committed to the personal and professional development of all employees at all levels. We build leaders and inspire employees to reach their full potential. We embrace challenges and persist through obstacles. Failure is the key to learning, growing, and achieving success.

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